Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie (2)

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22 réflexions sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie (2)

  1. And here I always thought you were female for some reason…
    Very stormy self-portraits. Great!

  2. The power of a jaguar, the depth of supreme strength, fierce honesty, infinite sensitivity…Truly impressive shot!

  3. i also thought you were female.. surprise, he’s not.. love the intense looks..

  4. Le , vastlycurious.com a dit:

    I never thought you were a female. Why so serious ? WOW intense !

  5. Le , ninano a dit:

    Brave and interesting selfportraits! Often your photos are seemingly peaceful, but still loaded with drama and intensity. Looking at your selfies I find it comprehensible – that is what you express. (It is difficult to find the right words in a foreign language, I’m afraid.)

  6. Profoundly intense. Man, I love your work. It never gets old.

  7. These are very creative shots. Well done.

  8. Le , sorymina a dit:

    I really like the first one 🙂
    Of course second one is really good too.. but first one has something in it … 😉

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